Reporting of Non-Consensual Sexually Explict Content

Reporting of Non-Consensual Sexually Explict Content


Due to a large amount of false claims sent to us such as generating random address/identity card of a person and falsifying information to us just for own entertainment. We would now need a PDF copy of a police report filed by the person in their own jurisdiction who wish to remove his/her content from our platform.


The report should include all the following : 


1) Important : Offending URL links (such as Please highlight to the police officer to include the exact links in the report, without it, we will not remove the content.


2) Signature of the Investigation Officer.


3) The date and time of the report.


(The date of the report should be within 3 months of the video date of posting, if your report is not within 3 months, please file the report again with the police and send to us.) Please do not send us a report that was 30 years ago while the video was uploaded only 1 month ago.


4) Description of the crimninal offence in full details.


5) If you are a third party authorized to submit on the behalf of the person to us, please request a copy of the police report from the person who wish to remove his/her content and send to us along with your notice.


By submitting a copy of the police report, you are presenting a legitimately case for us to proceed with the deletion of the content from our platform. Content will be deleted within 24 hours upon receiving a copy of the report. Police report sent to us will be deleted within 7 days of removal notice.


Official Email :


Below is the jurisdiction of Asia Countries where you may file a police report. Please note that you may only file a report based on the country you lived in, and not in other countries which you do not reside in.


Hong Kong






South Korea













Please send to us the required information to process your removal request, without a copy of the report, we will not proceed further.